Cleaning & Lettering

Grave Markers, Flat Markers & Memorial Stones in Buffalo, NY

If there is an existing headstone you need assistance maintaining, Fusani & Kuhn’s Monuments, Inc. would gladly be of service. We provide cleaning and lettering to headstones and grave markers throughout all Buffalo and Western New York cemeteries. Natural wear and tear is inevitable in our seasonal climate, but our services can ensure that your loved one’s memorial stone will be preserved for many years to come. 

Grave Markers Buffalo, NY

Restoration of Granite Headstones & Grave Markers

If a family member’s headstone, grave marker or flat marker lettering has faded with each passing year, Buffalo, NY's Fusani & Kuhn’s Monuments, Inc. will be able to provide touch-ups to the lettering. Ensure the deceased’s message remains clear to all who visit.

Because gravestones are comprised of minerals and salts, we only clean them with non-abrasive materials and techniques. Call in the experts to keep your memorial in the best condition possible with Fusani and Kuhn’s Monuments, Inc. cleaning and lettering services. 

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